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Apple Stop Sales of iPhone 7 Version 256GB

Apple has stopped selling the iPhone 7 internal 256GB memory variant since September 12, 2017. It was done so that iPhone 7 256GB version did not disturb the iPhone 8 sales.

Reported Phone Arena, Tuesday (24/10/2017), information about the termination of sales of iPhone 7 256GB variants sourced from an Apple customer service representative. So for now, Apple’s online store only sells iPhone 7 versions 32 and 128GB.

Apple did not want to want iPhone 7 version 256GB inhibit the iPhone 8. Series of sales. For your information, Apple’s latest smartphone is just sliding with two variants of internal memory 64GB and 256GB.

On the other hand, iPhone 8 sales are not so satisfactory. According to reports, its sales were behind the previous iPhone series sales when it first slid in the market.iphone 7 256GB

A number of parties blame the weak sales of the iPhone 8 because consumers are waiting for the iPhone X. They want to see the performance of iPhone X first before deciding which iPhone variant will be purchased.

Series iPhone 8 and X was announced simultaneously on 12 September 2017, but the sales are different. Apple has started selling the iPhone 8 since September 22, while the new iPhone X will start on Nov. 3 2017.

Of the three, the iPhone X is sold at the most expensive price. iPhone 8 offered US $ 699 and iPhone 8 Plus US $ 799, but the possibility of selling prices will vary outside the United States market (US).

The iPhone X is priced starting at US $ 999, becoming the most expensive smartphone Apple has ever sold in the last 10 years. also read: iphone 7 cases

How to Install a Drivers Brother DCP-J140W and HL-1110 on ubuntu

How to Install a Drivers Brother DCP-J140W and HL-1110 on ubuntu

How to Install a Drivers Brother DCP-J140W and HL-1110 on ubuntu

How to Install a Drivers Brother DCP-J140W and HL-1110 on ubuntu

  • Download the driver here:
    Brother DCP-J140W Drivers Download
    Brother HL-1110 Drivers Download
  • The download file is “CUPSwrapper printer driver (deb package)” and “Linux-brprinter-installer”
  • After the file is downloaded, install the second file the file just by clicking on it, then you will be directed to the ubuntu software center for installation
  • After the file is installed, restart your pc, then plug the usb printer and turn on your printer
  • your printer will terintalasi by itself, if the printer is not installed automatically, you can install your printer in the add printer option on the printer menu, then your printer will be detected and installed automatically
  • After the above steps, you have to install your printer, but you haven’t been able to do printing
    enter browser and type localhost: 631 tab, and then click printers, select the name of your printer in the printer list that exists
  • Click administration, there is a selection then click modify printer, if your pc is using the password then the password required for this step
    during the election, select usb://Brother/DCP-J140W?serial=BROA3F168081 then continue
  • When the selection of a description you can directly click on continue
  • When the selection of the model, select the Brother DCP-J140W CUPS (en) from the list, and then select modify printer, then the installation has been completed and you can use your printer
  • Finish

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Digital signage software – Voice Broadcasting is The Future Of Direct Marketing

Many people discuss advantages of direct marketing, however, the one most well-known method of sending direct text messages – email-based – is becoming ineffective because of the activities of spam mails. The response prices of direct marketing promotions conducted by way of e-mail offer dropped during modern times even getting round 0% in some instances. What is usually to be achieved? We can’t eliminate the thought of direct marketing altogether since it is confirmed to remain rewarding.

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Are you trying a fresh media to handle your direct advertising campaign? How about the nice old phone? I am not really discussing chilly calling, i.e. producing unsolicited phone calls to individuals who, the fact to be said, usually do not long to listen to from you. Consider voice broadcasting as the next stage towards direct advertising success.

digital signage software

WHAT’S Voice Broadcast?

Voice broadcast is a good pre-recorded message that’s transmitted with a phone collection to multiple receivers. A straightforward voice broadcast campaign center could be arranged up in your house or office utilizing a straightforward computer that’s equipped with a voice modem. You then need a phone range and a duplicate of the auto dialer software program. Since car dialers have grown to be available, entrepreneurs need not grab a phone to handle each of their clients. Imagine, in the event that you needed to contact a thousand persons to announce a low cost or to promote a fresh product. Now there is no need to invest millions right into a calling center – in fact, you could be your own get in touch with centre keeping existing consumers posted and attracting clients.

What Numbers To Call?

The main element to successful voice broadcasting is to build up a database of potential customers or even to turn to a provider who already has his own data source of people or companies opted in (or at least not minding) to get information that is highly relevant to their interests. Actually, an excellent database of clients is a goldmine. Various companies usually do not realize that gold lies in the bottom of a grey metallic drawer in the part of their archive space. Every time you close sales or make a get in touch with, you obtain a telephone number and probability to carefully turn your contact right into a returning customer!

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