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Oilers Future Star-Studded Line Comes to Full “Hallt”

The Edmonton Oilers made an incredibly shocking move today when they shipped off Taylor Hall for, in the present, a defenseman who doesn’t add much to what they already have. Now, of course, this team isn’t entirely looking at their current picture, as they’re still years from competing, but I think they may have threw away something significant for the future in dealing away Hall.

Oilers Future Star-Studded Line Comes to Full “Hallt”

Oilers Future Star-Studded Line Comes to Full “Hallt”

The Oilers offense had been anemic for many years, which prompted them to make several moves in the entry draft to select high-potential, top-end forwards. They’ve done alright thus far, as Connor McDavid was excellent in his first season, while Ryan Nugent-Hopkins still needs more time to blossom and Nail Yakupov has been a bit of a disappointment.

But as for Hall, he was more so in that McDavid section, wherein what he had accomplished thus far in his young career was outstanding. Hall shined as a beacon of light for a very offensively weak franchise for many years.

With McDavid set to be in Edmonton for a very long time, the prospect for the Oilers offense was finally ready to turn around. After a season riddled with injury and one in which he never had a definitive spot on any specific line, I thought coming into this year, the Oilers could put together a very strong first line. source:

While the Oilers have some talent at forward currently, three of their four best offensive players play center, not allowing for one specific dynamic line. However, before Tayor Hall was traded, the probably superstar line was lining up to be Taylor Hall – Connor McDavid – Jordan Eberle / Nail Yakupov.

That tandem likely could have been one that had been written in as the face of this franchise in turmoil and so it’s going to be very difficult for Oilers fans to look positively on the trade, especially when one takes into account the incomparable amount of talent they received in return.