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Nissan Crossover It Does not Need A Driver

Showing the existence of electric vehicle technology, Nissan launched IMx concept car in the event the Tokyo Motor Show 2017. Swak driver (without driver) genre crossover is capable of driving up to more than 600 kilometers.

IMx become the future picture of Nissan Intelligent Mobility. This vehicle is designed to strengthen the driver’s relationship with a vehicle, so as to create a safer, more comfortable and enjoyable driving experience.

“The concept car of the zero-emission crossover IMX is the future of Nissan’s Intelligent Mobility, and Nissan is committed to changing the way people and cars connect, and how cars interact with people in the near future,” said Daniele Schillaci, Executive Vice President of Nissan Motor Co. ., Ltd., for Global Marketing and Sales, Zero-Emission Vehicles and Battery Business, in its official broadcast on Thursday (26/10/2017).best Crossover Nissan new Crossover Nissan

IMx is equipped with ProPilot technology that offers full swap driver operation. When used, the system directs the steering wheel into the dashboard and rests all the seats. That way the more spacious cabin space that makes the driver more relaxed. Read: Nissan Altima Mpg 

The concept of zero-emission crossover IMx adopted the latest platform of Nissan EV, designed to achieve maximum efficiency. This makes the floor design of the vehicle flat, resulting in spacious cabin and better driving dynamics.

IMx is powered by a pair of high-capacity electric motors on the front and rear, which makes it an all-wheel-drive system. Both motors are capable of producing a combined power of 320 kW and 700 Nm of torque.

Nissan designed IMx with the aim of providing convenience and service for its users. For example, after driving the owner to the airport, IMx can park itself in a place that can connect to the local power grid and act as a power plant, this is the development of the vehicle-to-home and vehicle-to-building features.

Exterior design provides a sense of security from the outside, presenting the attributes of its clean and sporty electric vehicle by combining Nissan’s distinctive design features. From the familiar V motion grille on the familiar front, the bending character line rises and flows to the hood and rear end.

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It’s Fortunately Hybrid Cars According to Toyota

Hybrid cars become one of the answers for environmentally friendly vehicles. According to Toyota, which has been making hybrid cars since 20 years ago, these types of vehicles have many advantages.

According to Executive Vice President of Toyota Motor Corporation, Didier Leroy, one of the advantages is the efficiency. He calls, hybrid cars when used in a certain time part of the time to use electrically completely.

“When hybrid cars are used in a big city, 50 percent of them use them fully electrically, not from us, that’s statistics,” he said in Tokyo, Japan.hybrid car 2017

In addition, when used hybrid car more quiet. Of course it makes driving more comfortable.

“It’s also a smoother transfer from electric mode to engine mode, and the cost of ownership is also fantastic,” he said. Also read: Ford C-Max Price

Leroy provides an example that Toyota Prius hybrid car is also used for taxis in some countries. According to him, many taxi drivers say that the type of car has the durability, resistance test, and the cost of ownership is better.

“Whereas many people once doubted that it (hybrid) may not be successful,” said Leroy.

Honda: PCX The new model is similar to the Japanese one

Honda showcases new model PCX at Tokyo Motor Show. PT Astra Honda Motor said the PCX design for Indonesia in the future will be similar to that now being exhibited in Tokyo.

“Similar but not the same,” said Deputy Head of Corporate Communications AHM Ahmad Muhibbuddin.

PCX in Japan is already using electric and hybrid technology. PCX uses electric high-powered electric motors and is also equipped with a Honda Mobile Power Pack, a removable battery. PCX power will go on sale in several parts of Asia next year including Japan.a detachable mobile battery pack.PCX in indonesia

While the PCX hybrid uses a new hybrid system developed by Honda for the motor.

The hybrid system consists of a high-capacity battery and an ACG starter to help PCX deliver a large torque. Like the electric version, PCX hybrid will also be sold next year. Well how to Indonesia whether to take the electric or hybrid?

“It has not been decided yet,” he said. Also read: lamborghini huracan 0-60

So it seems to Indonesia we can predict Honda will bring gasoline engine first yes.

Prices of Toyota Yaris Heykers And Specifications October 2017

At the beginning of November 2016 Toyota Astra Motor Indonesia re-introduce the latest generation of Toyota Yaris, named Toyota Yaris Heykers this car comes with ground cleance which is quite high to make the look of Toyota’s hactback car looks more tall and more like a crossover car, in the concept of crossover cars in fact the Toyota toyota said that this car has a crossover concept with elements of fun to drive typical urban cars.

With a new look that brought Toyota Yaris Heykers is expected to re-raise the prestige of Toyota cars, in appearance this car memilliki some characteristic crossover car, the presence of some interesting color of the car brought this car, one of them is on the design of the front of the Toyota Yaris Heykers where looks more dashing with the color grille that uses a black dop color, which is also included with the side of the car that looks the black accent.Toyota Yaris Heykers  2017

The biggest difference between the Toyota Yaris Heykers and the other Toyota Yaris is the use of the engine, where the Toyota Yaris Heykers uses the 2NR-FE type engine that is also used by their brother, Toyota Sienta, using the machine will automatically make power or power Toyota Yaris Heykers declined compared with previous versions, it seems that Toyota is not chasing power on this new car but seen Toyota Yaris Heykers toward the car with fuel consumption is frugal.

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Equipped with some advanced and modern features make Toyota Yaris Heykers valued quite expensive, where the Toyota makes two types on this car with the price of Toyota Yaris Heykers most expensive priced 277 millions of Toyota Yaris Heykers, while the cheapest variant priced at 265 million namely Toyota Yaris Heykers MT, besides my friend will also be offered 7 attractive color options are Attitude Black Mica, Blue Metallic, Metalic Silver. Super White, Gray Metalic, Orange Metalic and Red Mica Metallic. for the following curious buddy is the latest Toyota Yaris Heykers Specifications And Price.

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2018 Cadillac Escalade Engine

The full-size SUVs are again in the target of customers and automakers and if you should be trying to find one, the big and daring Cadillac Escalade are certain to get your attention. Using its imposing appearance, that model can stay right out of the group while the level of luxurious it gives can be hard to match. On another hand, the type and luxurious also come with the outstanding capability for carrying large people and towing significant loads.

That large SUV is now confronted with the growing amount of rivals but being renovated for the 2015 model year it is virtually updated in every aspect. For the reason that situation, a future edition, the 2018 Cadillac Escalade isn’t expected to bring significant facelift relatively a brand new styling topic and current computer and protection characteristics like its mechanical relatives the Chevy Tahoe and Suburban.

2018 Cadillac Escalade


As a result of its imposing stance and Cadillac’s trademark elements, the Escalade is simply brand’s most familiar vehicle. Sharply sculpted lines, significant shield-shaped grille and trademark lighting can again define the design of this SUV. So, we don’t assume big changes on model’s outer for the newest model year despite Cadillac hasn’t claimed a phrase relating to this forthcoming model. Based on the newest studies, like the newest Tahoe and Suburban, the 2018 Cadillac Escalade can provide a new styling topic while larger restyling must be likely in per year or two.


Inside, the Escalade will also feature lavish style and outstanding gear level. For the reason that situation, it can contend with the blissful luxury leaders which come from Selection Rover and Mercedes. All types are certain to get top quality material therapy and feature galore. Nevertheless, each top cut brings items to the higher level.

The beds base types can appear on the 20-inch combination wheels. The exterior characteristics can  include the Led headlights, computerized wipers, part measures, power liftgate, Magnetic Drive Suspension, top rails, etc. Inside the cottage, customers can rely on the tri-zone environment get a handle on, leather upholstery, power pedals. There is likewise the heated, cooled and power front chairs, storage placing, configurable instrument display, heated heart row, active sound termination, etc. All designs will also get the latest CUE infotainment system with modern characteristics and surround noise system.

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Laminating Nano Ceramic: The Good Things about Auto Detailing


Auto detailing isn’t merely an easy business like car wash that any auto lover can begin to put up. There are several different auto detailing places that it is currently tough to tell which ones are far better than the other ones. It will continue to keep your automobile reconditioned for a long duration of time. Furthermore, auto detailing machines have to be simple to use and maintain. You should know that just because nearly all auto detailing shops are employing these harsh cleaners doesn’t indicate it is something which should be accomplished. Utilizing the correct auto detailing products is the very best way to cope with this kind of heavy grime and dirt on vehicles. After you buy your motor bike insurance, then you have to deal with your bike in different areas which many people are inclined to forget.

Must Read: Laminating Nano Ceramic

If you own a vehicle you should transport from one area to another without having to really drive it there, an enclosed vehicle trailer is the ideal bit of equipment to put money into. Normally, a vehicle has to be clayed twice per year. If your car or truck is getting older or you’re sick of the inflated rates your car dealership charges, you want to find a neighborhood vehicle mechanic that may aid with all your car’s repairs. Some vehicles could have belts that aren’t listed here.

scuto laminating

Every time you eat or drink in your vehicle, you add a couple more crumbs and spills. A car can acquire an actual appearance of luxury when the paint is detailed. As a result, it will be able to get slightly better gas mileage. Cars have created the world a smaller place to reside in. Car detailing is part of normal vehicle maintenance. The expert car detailing services will also help you keep the cleanliness of the inside of your car.

How good it’s to wash your vehicle and detailing it at exactly the same time. Before you truly begin detailing the vehicle, it has to be cleaned. Superior car waxing tips may make your car look better and produce the job of waxing your car a lot easier. Set everything which you’ll need by the vehicle.

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Nissan Elgrand The Popular Car

issan Elgrand is really a luxury MVP. The manufactures of the vehicle is Nissan. This vehicle was released in 1997 and because of the elevated recognition there has been three models by now. E50, E51 and E52 would be the available three models.

E50: it was the very first generation of Nissan Elgrand cars. If you are looking at for wheel drive this vehicle is fairly suggestible. This generation of Nissan Elgrand cars also offers two wheel drives. There’s a choice of selecting between gas and diesel engines. VG33E, VQ35DE would be the available gas engines and QD32ETi and ZD30DDTi would be the diesel engines. You will find several model versions in E50 which are caravan, homy, highway star and Nissan Elgrand

E51: This is actually the second generation of Nissan Elgrand cars. These cars use 2.5L or 3.5l VQ series engine having a five-speed automatic transmission. It has an additional choice of energy and snow setting together with a 4×4 energy option. Being an addition it’s ventilated disk brakes throughout.

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You will find five models within the 2.5l engine type that are V, VG, X, XG, Highway star and driver. The outside of the E51 is not the same as the E50. It has digitally remote-controlled doorways. Along side it mirrors have signal lights inside them and in addition it includes a rear roof spoiler. This vehicle operates on aluminum alloy wheels which give a sportier look.Nissan Elgrand interior 2017

The inside from the E51 is much better than E50. It’s captain-styled seats, with eight loudspeakers as well as an optional ninth one. There’s additionally a TV/DVD player installed having a nine-inch screen. An Vast screen is utilized within the dashboard. The seats within the vehicle could be modified in a way that you can use it for dining reasons.

E52: all of this new third generation vehicle was released around 2010. There’s a powerful marketplace for Nissan Elgrand E52 around the globe. Its marketplace is emerging within the Uk, Australia, Nz, Russia and also the Philippines.

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2019 Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen Release date

It’s maybe not the secret that Mercedes is working on the newest variation of their well-known G-Class aka G-Wagen model. The prototype of the boxy SUV was discovered on several situations while testing covered in black/white camo but with the familiar boxy human anatomy design. Mercedes hasn’t revealed significantly about the initial full overhaul of their old-school SUV but reports indicating that new G-Wagen could keep their vintage identity but will be larger, more comfortable and more efficient.

The product can get new underpinning and engine possibilities while the inside can get contemporary features. The newest military-grade SUV may also be light but ready again for serious off-roading. Mercedes will more than likely introduction the newest product as 2019 Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen to celebrate their 40th anniversary.

2019 Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen


Based on what we have from the traveler photographs and different places, the newest 2019 Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen can get the bigger truck and new suspension for improved on and off-road ride. Relating with a reports, the newest product will gain 4 inches in their size but will have the shorter body. Broader truck combined with new underpinning should offer greater balance and over all experience ease nevertheless the renovated G-Wagen should also be lighter. The product will retain body-on-frame style but renovated frame and application of the modern product mix should as some places indicating lead to fat reduction of about 440 lbs.

On the other give, the visible part will not eliminate their old-school attraction but can get several new touches. The newest variation appears to have more outstanding lid and new headlights. The changes may also be observed on the trunk lights along with on the grille and bumpers. The AMG-badged types can get unique elements like the newest types with this specific badge. They will have the unique grille and outer features combined with area exhausts.


While the exterior will remain near to the roots, the product gets modernized interior. The newest G-Wagen will get brand’s new infotainment program along with the air ports and cut which are in accordance with brand’s newest models. The newest SUV will even get improved security therapy and greater noise insulation.

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