My night at Mississippi

By | February 6, 2018


Once again I am writing about Mississippi and once again it isn’t good.

Is there a more troubling state in this country that experiences the effects of racism to the extreme?

This event took place in June in Jackson, Mississippi. James Craig Anderson was standing near his vehicle in the early morning just before dawn when a group of young people who were allegedly out looking to hurt a black person, unfortunately found him, their unsuspecting target.

These teens sole purpose that pre-dawn morning was to hunt down a human being and hurt an innocent person. And that’s exactly what they did. This group of kids who should have been safely at home found an unsuspecting victim and beat him repeatedly and relentlessly in a hotel parking lot.

But the worst yet to come. After the beating, most of these kids left driving over to a McDonalds, perhaps to celebrate. One boy and two girls remained and apparently observed Mr. Anderson stumbling broken and bleeding in the road, attempting to find help. That’s when the driver, the boy, took careful aim, punched the accelerator and ran over James Craig Anderson ending his life. Then the boy drove on to McDonalds and bragged to his friends saying; “I ran that nigger over.”

There is some justice to this story. You see the whole ugly murder was caught in it’s entirety on the hotel’s video surveillance camera, and there were also witnesses.

Yes indeed we have come a long way in bridging the racism gap…

Wrote by : Shirl