Homescapes Game Story and Play Line

By | February 9, 2018

Homescapes Gametakes the story of a butler who returns to his old home where he once spent his childhood there. The house looked spacious, but abandoned. The Butler felt challenged to clean up his old house and also beautify his home.In addition he also has other problems, he had to face both his parents who told him to sell his house because the house is too wide for their age. Here he had to convince his parents that they would change their minds not to sell his house.

To complete the task in Homescapes Game, like buying stuff or cleaning the room, you have to play the puzzle first to get the star. Or you can use homescapes hack site to get resources. Usually you are told to get one or more stars to complete this task.Here you can choose which items to put in your house, there are usually three choices, interesting is not it? In addition, to play the puzzle you usually need heart as a soul, if your heart is running out then you have to wait some time.You can get heart instantly by connecting this game to Facebook, then you just ask your friend who also play this game to send heart.

How to play a puzzle on Homescapes Game is to match 3 or more of the same thing, Here you will also get a booster to facilitate you in playing the puzzle. To get a booster during a puzzle, you have to match a certain amount or a certain way, following some kind of booster and how to get it.Rocket: Match the same 4 objects.Paper Plane: Match the same 4 items as the rows to form the squares.Rainbow Ball: Match the same 5 items.Bomb: Match the same 5 items. So the conclusion, this game presents various challenges to the puzzle game. In this game, puzzle games become interesting because of the simulation of building a house. In addition to having an interesting gameplay, visually also interesting and very friendly.