Chiayi Travel Guide

By | January 24, 2018

Chiayi Facts

Area: Chiayi is in the southwest of Taiwan Island, limited by Taiwan Strait in the west and Ali Mountain and Jade Mountain in the east.

Zone: 23 square miles (60 square kilometers)

Populace: 274,000

Climate: Subtropical damp atmosphere, and the best time to visit is March to June

Attractions – Things to Do

Ali Mountain is the most illustrative fascination in Chiayi. It is called “Light of Taiwan” and the dawn, dusk, cloud oceans, railroads, and backwoods are as one called “Five Wonders at Ali Mountain”. Fenchihu, Reilly Scenic Area, and Tanayiku are all in Ali Mountain National Scenic Area.

Strolling in Fenchihu, you will feel like you are investigating an antiquated wilderness. It has waterfalls, streams, stones in various shapes, and different trees. At Fenchihu Old Town, you can see old streets, houses, a rail and two steam trains, and eat the railroad box dishwhich is exceptionally famous. Reilly Scenic Area used to be a high town and now possesses large amounts of waterways, valleys, precipices, and waterfalls. In Tanayiku, you can encourage the fish and play in the stream.

Walk to June is the best time to come to Ali Mountain. “Firefly Season” and “Sakura Season” are held each year. “Firefly Season” is from April to June, and “Sakura Season” is from mid-March to mid-April. So , you can booking , six months before your holiday. Maybe you can try this site , last holiday i booking from this site and the price was cheapest from the other online travel agent.

Alishan Township is the main residence of Tsou individuals. In February, the celestial Mayasvi will be held in Tapangu Village. They used to bring home the bacon for the most part by chasing, however to secure creatures, they start to plant teas, wasabi, cabbages, blossoms, and espressos. The greater part of the Tsou individuals are great at singing and moving. They like the sound of the waterfalls, so their tunes seem like the resonances of waterfalls and woods.

Siraya National Scenic Area has regular waterfalls as well as geothermal topographical scenes. Ancient individuals used to live here, and now it is home to various Pingpu and Siraya individuals.

Southwest Coast Scenic Area is extraordinary for its huge sandbanks, wetlands, tidal ponds, salt dish, aquaculture lakes, sanctuaries, and noteworthy locales. Among them the Black-colored Spoonbill Habitat Protection Area draws the most consideration.

The grand landscape of Tsengwen Reservoir pulls in loads of individuals. Strolling along the lakeside, you can visit Bird Palace which has various winged animals and Wayside Garden which has tall trees and blossom oceans.

Renyitan Dam is a lake encompassed by a lengthy, difficult experience. There are structures and seats for you to have a rest. Numerous individuals fly a kite or do sports here.

At Boat Leisure Art Village, you can encounter the rustic life by taking a truck, makingpottery, and doing ranch works. Or then again you can take the vessel to Dongshih Fishing Port which has fish markets, Marine Cultural Museum and ocean see structures. In transit you can appreciate the seaside see as well as approach the mangrove woods.

Different Attractions: Ao Drum Wetland, Tropic of Cancer Monument, Southwest Coast Scenic Area, Ogasawara Hill, Good Misato Conservation Area, AlishanJhushan, Sister Lake, Tsou Culture Tribe,Bag Saltwork, Chiayi Prison Museum…

The most effective method to Get to Chiayi

It is prescribed that you take the prepare to Chiayi from different urban areas of Taiwan, for example, Taipei, Taichung, Tainan and Kaohsiung. The common prepare from Taipei takes 3.5-5 hours with the ticket cost of TWD 461-598, and 75 minutes to 2 hours and TWD 189-245 from Kaohsiung. The fast prepare from Taipei takes 1.5 hours and TWD 1,045 for a non-held seat and TWD 1,080 for a standard seat.

To movement around the grand spots, you are prescribed to contract a private auto which costs about TWD 2,500 for half of the day and TWD 3,500 for an entire day.

Chiayi Travel Tips

Nearby Highlights: Swing Contest is Chiayi’s interesting action which is more than 300 years of age. It is held twice like clockwork at Mysterious Heaven Emperor Temple on Wutang Mountain. The swing outline is made of bamboos and rattans without a nail. It is as high as four stories, and the swing board has the tallness of 3 meters.

Koji Pottery is a sort of clay with vivid coatings. The ceramists overlay the stoneware with dirts, at that point paint with beautiful coatings, last prepare it commonly. Koji Pottery joins manipulating, painting, and prepare with religion, which can be said the fortune of Han nationality’s conventional people craftsmanship.

Neighborhood Snacks: There are a wide range of snacks in Chiayi, including broiled duck soups and salty rice puddings at Singang Township, prepare cakes and Gongpo rolls at Zhonghe Village, bamboo rice and wild vegetable on Ali Mountain, tea press eggs at Fenchihu, Luoshan rice cakes, sesame crisps, cabbage shrimp eggs, and stewed fish heads. Among these nearby nourishments, turkey rice is the most prominent.