Bali Private Driver Cost

By | January 30, 2018

Hiring a Bali private driver, of course you will ask about the price. How much the cost to hire private driver Bali? It’s depending on the company and the vehicle that you choose. But don’t worries Bali Driver Five offer an affordable service; you can see the prices at our website ( Cost to visit Bali is depending on when you come. The cost to visit Bali will be higher when you come on high season, like New Year or when special event will come in Bali like Nyepi. How to save cost when you visit Bali? Find the right driver. The right driver can decrease your cost when visiting Bali. Create the right itinerary will save your cost, the right Bali driver will know how to find the right route with a budget cost.

Full or Half Day Service

When hiring private car hire with driver Bali you will find 2 services. Full day or half day service. Full day services will take 10 hours and the half day services will take 5 hours. When you want to surround Bali of course it takes a lot of time, so it will be better if you choose the full day services. But how if it exceed 10 hours? You will be charged by your driver per the extra hours.

How to find experienced Bali Drivers

Find an experienced Bali drivers is such a difficult task. Here I suggest an experienced Bali private driver with affordable cost and of course they are professional and friendly. They have a good service with an affordable price. Some of good places that they recommended are Padang Padang Beach, Besakih Temple, Tanah Lot and Ubud. They can drive you to the cultural places and telling you the histories about that place. If you want to find the right Bali private driver call Bali Driver Five at 0878 6039 4691 or contact us at