Understanding Vertical Jump Training for Beginners

By | November 27, 2017

For you who interested in sports or doing sports, jump might be one of the most familiar movements that is done in various types of sport. There are many kinds of jump, but based on the direction of the jump, vertical jump has become one of the most important types of jump. Vertical jump is used a lot in many types of sport such as basketball, volleyball, athletics and other. In order to reach the highest vertical jump, you need to find know the correct techniques and exercise that specially designed for improving the vertical jump. Therefore, we are going to discuss all about vertical jump and vertical jump training.

What is Vertical Jump?

Vertical jump is one type of jump based on the direction of the jump. Vertical Jump or also called vertical leap is an act of raising your body vertically by using your own muscle. Simply, vertical jump is when you jump vertically. You may wonder what the different of vertical jump and other types of jump. Direction becomes one of significant factors that distinguish vertical jump and other types of jump. Based on the direction, there are two common types of jump: vertical and horizontal Jump. In vertical jump, the jump is done to reach vertical point, while horizontal jump is done to reach the horizontal point. It is true that both types of jump involve vertical movement of the body, but there are two different purposes of those jumps. In horizontal jump, the purpose of the jump is to move horizontally with the jump.  In vertical jump, the purpose of the jump is to move vertically with the jump.

In vertical jump, it is very important that you jump by using your own muscle. It is means that there is systematic movement of your muscle that allow you to do vertical jump. You may be helped by some technologies in order to jump higher. However, primarily, your muscle is the main factor that allows you to jump. Commonly, in officially measuring how high your vertical jump is, you don’t allow to use any technology.

Type of Vertical Jump

In vertical jump, there are two different types that based on the way you start the jump: standing and running vertical jump. Standing vertical jump is a vertical jump that started by standing position without involving any steps. In this vertical jump, you are not allowed to create a momentum such as walking and running that you help you jump higher. You may rarely see standing vertical jump is used in some types of sport. Commonly, standing vertical jump only used in record-breaking.

Differently, running vertical jump is a vertical jump that started by running. Running aims to add power or momentum that can help you jump higher. Commonly, we can use running vertical jump is used in some types of sport that involve jumping and running such as basketball, volleyball and in athletic. In those types of sport, commonly running is used to help your jump higher.

Where Vertical Jump Is Used

Vertical jump is used in many types of sport. There are many types of sport that involve jump as one of the movement. Let’s say basketball, volleyball, netball, badminton, football, soccer, and many athletic sports.  In those sports, you need to do vertical jump in order to win the game. They way you jump and how high you jump will determine what will happen in the game, that’s why it’s pretty crucial for an athlete to increase vertical jump. For example, in basketball, the one who jump higher can get advantage to get the ball or block the ball. It also happens in volleyball. If you can jump higher, you have better chance to create point by the smash or block the opponent’s smash. In soccer, you can win the heading and score a goal when you can jump higher. In badminton, you can create excellent jumping smash if you are able to do the vertical jump. Beside the function of the vertical jump in those sports, it is common that the vertical jump is measured to know how high the athlete can jump. It can help the athlete set the standard.