Tips to Visit Redang Island Malaysia

By | November 22, 2017

Redang Island is a small group of the island located on Peninsular Malaysia’s east side, in the South Chinese Sea. It is also the part of Terengganu Marine Park with 45 kilometers of total width. Around the mainland of Redang Island, you can see many smaller islands with beautiful marine views and clear turquoise water.On the weekends and public holidays, the island is always fully crowded by the tourists. They come to enjoy the tropical beach atmosphere and the magnificent views. Besides, the island also becomes one of the most-visited islands for diving and snorkeling. To enter the island, visitors should pay the entrance fee for the Marine Park area as much as RM5.

The Island for Diving and Snorkeling Enjoyment with Luxury

For travelers that want to get tropical island gateway with a little luxury, Redang Island Malaysia is a great place to go. Many luxurious resorts and restaurants open their services on the island.Visit the most popular beach Pasir Panjang to find many outlets for food and beverage. Both local and western dishes can be found easily on the island. However, the beautiful tropical island with perfect atmosphere also costs higher than the other islands of Malaysia.Enjoy the fun nightlife at the resort bars, you can get alcohol easily in every part of the island.

What to Do and See on Redang Island Malaysia

Redang Island Malaysia will be very enjoyable for trekking while enjoying the nature views. Ask for a map of the resort where you stay, so that you can see all roads to explore while walking around the island. Make sure you protect your body against effective mosquitos’ repellant and appropriate clothes. You can buy the mosquito repellant products from many stores on the island. Then enjoy hiking after you have been well-protected. There are many kinds of animal to see such as monitor lizards, monkeys, squirrels, and fruit bats.

Best Time to Visit the Island

April to October is the best time when you can visit Redang Island Malaysia even though the rain goes down occasionally. Yet, it might be too late if you go there in October. Meanwhile, from November to March the northeast wet season starts and most resorts are closed during the period. The underwater world is also getting much debris that makes it ugly and dark to dive in.

If you don’t like too crowded area, then don’t plan your trip at school or public holidays. Plan your trip when the school and public holiday send. It will also make the flight cheaper than the peak seasons. Moreover, if you book the tickets on Airpaz, which always provides flight in many options and better prices.