DMIT Test: One Way to Know Someone Potential

By | November 5, 2017


In the science world, there are many ways to identify someone potential. Knowing person potential especially children potential is something important, especially for parent. Identifying their potential since children will make parents aware of their personal ability, so it will avoid parents from forcing them to get into what parents want without the agreement from the children itself. Knowing children potential can be used for the long preparation for parents to choose best education in the future and lead them to the way they should to be. Nowadays, there are many scientist are developing many scientific ways to get know on someone potential, and one of the way is widely known as the DMIT Test.

The DMIT Testworks by screening on the person fingertip to get the fingerprint. The method then can interpret each curve and line on the fingerprints which then can be transferred into special skill. In example, scientist have the record of the curve and line on the pianist fingerprint, then it will be compared to the person who undergoes the test. Each person line and curve on their fingerprint might be very different with each other, but there will be certain line to interpret the potential. And that what are currently still developing by the scientist. However, this test have been applied in some countries and is trustable.

Aside from doing the DMIT Test, parent should also encourage children in doing their potential. The main thing is that parent shouldn’t force children even though they are doing in their skill way. The psychology can also matter to the development of the children. Let say that a child enjoy drawing, but once he failed to get 1st winner in the drawing competition. In this case, parent shouldn’t force him to work more and more and even angry to him. Support children more and encourage them to do something they like but no forcing.