AirAsia Opens a New Route from Shenzhen to Langkawi

By | October 9, 2017

Opening new routes both domestic and international is one of AirAsia 50th jubilee celebration programs. As a world-known ASEAN low-cost carrier, the company under Tony Fernandes ownership really has the strong commitment as a leading player in air business to connect countries in South East Asia and the surrounded.  To celebrate its golden anniversary, AirAsia expands many routes including the direct flight from Shenzhen to Langkawi.

AirAsia Opens a New Route from Shenzhen to Langkawi

Langkawi Attractions

Langkawi is actually an archipelago consisting of 99 islands located on the west coast of Malaysia. Mostly, the attractions lie on the mainland, i.e. Langkawi Island, but still, there are a few to be seen offshore in the small ones. Here are some of them:


  • Langkawi Sky Bright

This sturdy 125-metre long bridge won’t lead you to the sky. However, how it hangs 700 meters above the sea level, offering the pedestrians who enjoy walking and sightseeing on it an exhilarating and terrifying view of Gunung mat CIncang, Telaja Tujuh waterfalls and some others stunning small islands.


  • Dataran Lang

It is known as Eagle Square where a big and high eagle sculpture poised like going to fly. This 12-metre height landmark is located in Kuah. If you go there, there are also other attractive spots to see such as miniature fountains, terraces, and bridges.


  • Langkawi Cable Car

As Langkawi is made up of mountains and islets, the quickest way to go from one mount to another is by taking the cable car. Within the vertiginous riding, about 15 minutes, from the top of Mat CIncang Mount, you can view the surrounding rainforest, waterfalls, and islets.


Langkawi What to Do

Many attractions mean a lot of things to do. It is great since you really want to have fun when visiting Langkawi, do not you? Besides enjoying the view from the sky bridge or along cable car ride, you have more activities to spend the holiday time, like jungle trekking, yacht cruising, waterfall adventure and many exciting tours surrounded by stunning environment views.


Langkawi Potential Visit from Shenzhen City

Shenzhen is the big city in Guangdong Province, China. Located on the north of Hong Kong, this town takes the fourth rank as the largest and richest cities in China. Seeing the economic and social aspect like this, AirAsia has smartly taken a great chance by opening a direct flight from Shenzhen to Langkawi. It will create potential visit from the wealthy Shenzhen people and spend their money when going to Langkawi.


Directly Fly from Shenzhen to Langkawi at Low Cost

The inaugural flight is the sign of official route opening from Shenzhen to Langkawi. Previously, there have been more than 1 million tourists coming to the island. Aireen Omar hopes that this opening will lead the bigger number of the visit in the future. This LCC Company even offers all-in-frames ticket promotions starting from RM200 for travel between August 10, 2017, and February 8, 2018. Click site now to get your chance of low rate trip to Langkawi from Shenzhen.